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AI Research Designed for Writers

Conduct extensive research on any topic. Generate articles based on the notes. Automated linking. Built for SEO.

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How does it work?


Research Anything

Gather information from the web and generates in-depth research reports. Each source includes a content summary.


Verified Sources

We link to all of the sources used in our research reports. Know exactly where the information is coming from.


Generate Articles

Generate long-form articles of up to 2,000 words. Specify keywords, reading level, and writing style.

Why Lede?

"Lede increased my open rate by 20%."

"The quality of the research is amazing."

"Hours saved on research and writing."

"Uncontested in quality and information-density."

Craft In-Depth Content on Any Topic

Lede is engineered to write like humans do. Unlike most AI writers, we conduct real-time research to capture the latest information, followed by distilling this data into key insights. We then craft your article based on the summarized research notes.

This method allows you to tackle any subject matter confidently — even those outside your expertise — with links to the original sources.

Optimized for SEO and AI

Lede is focused on producing content that is optimized for search, whether from a search engine or AI (AI Optimization). To do this, we focus on structuring your content in a way that is easy to consume for humans and machines.

For enhanced customization, you can target keywords to include in your article, define the reading level and adjust the writing style.

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Experiment with Lede and see if it's right for you.


5 Research Reports

2 Article


Explore any topic with our in-depth research reports.


per month

50 Research Reports

5 Articles


Generate long-form content for your blog or newsletter.


per month

50 Research Reports

25 Articles


Ideal for freelance writers and content marketers.


per month

250 Research Reports

125 Articles

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